Where Do I Get Dogecoins?

There are a few ways to get yourself into the Doge life and bag some Dogecoins. The quickest and easiest way is to go to an Exchange. These allow you to purchase Dogecoins using your Debit/Credit Card and other popular methods of payment. You will also be able to trade other Crypto currencies here for Dogecoins. There are a number of different changes that you can use and everyone will have their own favourites, my personal favourite is Binance, they allow you to trade, purchase and sell coins very easily. You can click on the below image or scan the QR code within the image and it will take you to directly create an account with them. As an incentive, going through there, you get 10% commission back on your purchase of coins. 

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There are obviously others like Kraken (which I am in the process of setting up, so will update this page when I get there), Livecoin, Exmo and more, however I don’t have personal experience with those and can’t comment on how good or bad they are. If you want to voice your feelings comment below and help others!

NOTE – Be careful with some place like Robinhood, they allow you to buy and sell Crypto on their platform, but not take it off. They don’t give you access to your wallet, so can’t transfer them where you want, essentially meaning you never really own the coins. Not to mention in my opinion their shady practices on GameStop (GME) in early 2021.
They have said that they have something in the works to allow people to take crypto to their own wallet, they have been saying this for a long time and nothing has materialised. So believe it when you see it.