How Do I Spend Dogecoins?

Okay so you have some coins, what do you do with them now? I am not here to give you financial advise or tell you to HODL, even if that is what you should do with the majority of them 😉

There are a number of ways you can spend your coins, donate them, tip people, spend them in online shops and even in some brick and mortar stores!

Donate. Most people who have crypto currency’s will have a wallet. Dogecoin Core is the official wallet, click here for more information on how to get it. Anyone who is receiving coins will have an address that people can send them to, like –
(you can use this one to practice with, it is my donation address)
Inside Dogecoin Core there is a section “Such Send”, in there you will enter the address along with the amount you want to donate.

Tips – Within the reddit community r/dogecoin there is a system which allows you to tip other redditors that you would like to tip. This is a good way to spread good will within the community and rewards people who have posted good content, helped others or for any other reason you deem fit.
For information on how to set up your Reddit account to both send and receive tips you can visit the official sodogetip website as well as the r/sodogetip community.

Spend – there are a lot of different websites as well as physical shops which are now starting to accept Doge as payment. Click here for a list of places you can spend that Much Wow Coin!

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