How do I accept Dogecoins?

The easiest way to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment is to set up a wallet. You can use a multitude of different wallets, but the one I always recommend is the official Dogecoin Core Wallet, click here to get it.

Once you have installed your wallet, you will need to create an address for your coins to go to, so someone can pay you.

We will use the Dogecoin Core Wallet as the example here, within that there is a tab “Much Receive”, click on that.

Next you want to fill out the boxes:

  • Label – This is for your eyes only, it will allow you to see what the address is related to, you will have a number of addresses over time, it is good practice and will save you headaches down the line if it is labeled properly.
  • Amount – This is the default amount that you are looking for, this can be overwritten at their end.
  • Message – This is what can appear when the customer goes to the address to give them information on what they are sending their coins to.

Once you hit the “Request payment” button, it will create the address that you can do what you need to with it, you can message it to your customer, post it on your website, what ever you wish.

It will also appear in the “Requested payments history” table below along with the Date it was created so you can see what is already there. You are able to show the address and reuse it or remove it if you would prefer.

Once your customer sends you coins to your address, it will appear in the “Transactions” tab after a sync of the blockchain. The very first column shows the status of the transaction, initially it will show as pending, then once it has been proved by the system, it will change to a tick and be “Confirmed”

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