Happy Doge Day

Happy Doge Day to all my fellow Shibes!

The past few days have been excellent for the growth of Dogecoin. It has climbed up in value very quickly and currently sitting at $0.40 even before #DogeDay has really even kicked off.

Happy Doge Day. Screenshot from Binance showing the growth of Dogecoin the past few months, it is certainly on it’s way to the moon!
To the moon! Graph from Binance showing the growth of Dogecoin over the past few months.

Looking for a place to get some coins Binance is a great option with pretty low fees.

It is getting more and more exposure in the mainstream media and it won’t be long before it hits that fabled $1 mark!

We need to keep pushing for it to become accepted as a form of payment everywhere so that it becomes second nature to everyone to use it when online making purchases. I have started a Directory – Companies Accepting Dogecoin if you know of a company accepting them, why not add it to the list or if you have used them. You can also them rate them honestly. If your company accepts Doge and you would like it added then you can either get in touch or add it yourself. Lets get Dogecoin to the moon 🌝

If you haven’t already, why not follow me on Twitter and push the Happy Doge Day message with the #DogeDay hashtag? We want to make sure it is trending the whole day and beyond!

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