Sorry all, my faucet has dried up at the moment, it was too popular and was draining quicker than I could fill it. I can’t afford to keep it running just now but it will hopefully be back up soon. If you would like to donate to keep it running you can do with the below address.


If you are just starting out you can use this faucet to build up some Dogecoin for yourself. You will need to log in first and then put in the wallet address you want to the coins to go to. If you are not sure how to get an address, visit the How Do I Accept Dogecoins? page.

log in to see the faucet.

If you want to see other faucets to build up your coins visit the What are faucets? page.

This faucet is self funded by me for the moment. Until I can start funding it via ads I would be grateful for any donations using the below address: